Pompidou Center

Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers created a very avant-garde building. It is around a gigantic parallelepiped that it deploys a steel frame, its walls in glass and clear colors. It can be perceived as a stack of metal structures whose implantation continues to strike some sensitivities.
In the facade, there are intertwined stays arranged in mesh which ensure the stability and the flexibility of the whole. The glass tubes supported by arches are traversed diagonally by: escalators, elevators, traffic galleries, ventilation and heating ducts. Each level is 7,500 m2.

In the Pompidou Center

You will be able to discover in the hall a portrait of Georges Pompidou by Vasarely, as well as the Virtual Volume, yellow and white of Soto. The activity of the Center is organized around 4 departments:

The Museum of Modern Art: it presents in its collections and exhibitions all forms of plastic art, architecture and design French and foreign, from 1900 to the present day.
The Department of Cultural Development which offers symposia and conferences on contemporary art.
The public library of information.
IRCAM whose mission is to explore the sound world, led by the famous music composer “atonal” Pierre Boulez.

How to get there

Metro line 1 or 11: Rambuteau, City Hall or Châtelet
RER A, B or D: Châtelet les Halles
Bus: 38, 47, 72, 76, 85


Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris