Guimet Museum of Asian Arts

The Guimet Museum in Paris is an address dedicated to Asian arts and is well worth a visit.

Paris has an interesting museum dedicated to Asian arts, the Guimet museum. It is located near the Trocadero, just after the Museum of Modern Art and the Palais de Tokyo. If you are already familiar with the three main museums of Paris – the Louvre, Orsay and the Centre Pompidou – we suggest you get acquainted with the first three mentioned. As they are in the same area, book part of this beautiful programme.

Guimet is the project of a great French industrialist, Émile Guimet, who created it to exhibit his private collection. The works were acquired during his travels in Asia. Guimet was one of the first Asian art museums in the world.

His collection includes works from Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Himalayas, Cambodia, Central Asia, China, Korea, India and Japan.


In fact, grouped together under the name Musée Guimet, we have three addresses. The central address, the Guimet National Museum of Asian Art, on Avenue Iena. A second called Hôtel d’Heidelbach. This address has an interior garden with a tea tasting area which is worth getting to know. It is also located on the Avenue Iena. Finally, the third one is called the Ennery Museum. It is only open on Saturdays and welcomes small groups of up to 15 people. The visit is free and must be booked by email. It is located on avenue Foch.

As well as being a collection, Guimet organises interesting temporary exhibitions.

How to get to the museum and schedule

Musée Guimet, open from Sunday to Monday, from 10 am to 6 pm. Closed on Tuesdays, 1 May, 25 December and 1 January.

National Museum of Asian Arts – Guimet :
6 place d’Iéna, 75016.
Metro line 9, Iéna station.

Hôtel d’Heidelbach: 19 avenue d’Iéna, 75016.
Musée d’Ennery: 59 avenue Foch, 75016 Paris.