Arab World Institute

Parisians and visitors alike never tire of the myriad opportunities that the Institut du Monde Arabe offers to travel the world and explore … different cultures and civilisations through a series of wonderful exhibitions.
With its new exhibition, Paris’s Mecca for cultural discovery takes us on a journey into one of the most fascinating civilisations of the first millennium B.C.: that of the Phoenicians. Sailors and silver-tongued traders, the Phoenicians are also known for having spread the use of their alphabet and spawning great mythological figures such as Europe and Adonis.

The exhibition at the IMA takes a look at Phoenician civilisation and art, represented above all by fascinating statuary and extremely sophisticated furnishings. The visit is a themed one starting with geography (and city-States such as Byblos, Sidon and Tyre) and going on to the Phoenicians’ development and cultural exchanges with the peoples of the Mediterranean region.

This absorbing display of coins, statues, earthenware and ivory objects brings the world of the Phoenicians alive for the modern-day visitor.

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