What’s the weather like in Paris?

To begin with, the climate in Paris is classified as semi-continental oceanic, i.e. temperate, with a well-defined winter and summer. However, it must be said that the climate is not the same everywhere in France.

Average temperature in spring

In the middle of the season, the temperature fluctuates a lot, it can be cold (50°F) in the morning and at night, and hot (77°F) in the afternoon. So you continue to dress in layers, but with lighter fabrics.

March → between 39°F and 53°F, with 52mm of rain

April → between 43°F and 61°F, with 49mm of rainfall

May → between 50°F and 68°F, with 62mm rainfall

How to get dressed in spring in Paris

In spring, you can risk a few legs outdoors, but without exaggeration. You can also put your boots to the side to start wearing lighter shoes, such as trainers. Don’t forget to have a thinner coat or jacket.

To the summer! Paris is even more lively and sunny. Apart from the heat, the days are getting longer (the sun sets around 9pm) and everyone is going out. Meanwhile, the parks are full of people sunbathing and having a very Parisian picnic.

The terraces of the bars are also full. It is not difficult to have very hot days, above 95°F.

It is also during the summer that artificial beaches are laid out on the banks of the Seine, with sand, chairs, parasols and even toys for the children.

Average temperature in summer

June → 55°F and 73°F with 53mm rainfall

July → 59°F and 77°F, with 58mm rainfall

August → 59°F and 73°F, with 46mm rainfall

How to dress in Paris in summer

After long and very hot days, the weather in Paris is beginning to become mild and more like spring weather. At the beginning of the season, the days are still long, but the temperatures are more pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold.

The great advantage of autumn is that the city is calmer and without this world of tourists, the same thing happens in summer. This means that the tourist places have less queues and you can enjoy them better. In addition, the city is charmed by the colours of autumn – the leaves are coloured in shades of yellow, orange, brown and even red.

Average temperature in autumn

September → between 53°F and 70°F, with 52mm of rainfall

October → between 48°F and 61°F, with 54mm rainfall

November → between 41°F and 50°F, with 57mm of rainfall

How to get dressed in autumn in Paris

Just like in spring, you can’t leave out the warmest jacket or blouse. During this period, you can have as many pleasant days, when a waistcoat is enough, as cold and rainy days when you will need a boot and trench coat.

Winter in Paris is usually very cold and it can even snow. However, the rains are less frequent than in spring. Another important detail is that the days are much shorter in this season. Dawn comes later and night comes earlier – five o’clock in the afternoon is already night. A bit sad because you have less time to enjoy the city during the day.

This is a time when many bars and restaurants close their terraces with glass and use heaters.

Average temperature in winter

December → between 36°F and 44°F, with 50mm rainfall

January → between 34°F and 43°F, with 56mm of rainfall

February → between 34°F and 44°F, with 46mm of rainfall

How to dress for winter in Paris

In winter, it is time to dress well to protect yourself from the real cold. You can’t go out without a thick, warm coat, scarf, gloves and something to protect your head (hat, cap). Thick boots and socks are also welcome.