City of Science and Industry

Located on the former slaughterhouses of Paris, the Parc de la Villette is an active space, a new district for meetings, culture and leisure. A place for exhibitions, documentation, communication and research, the Cité presents the greatest scientific and technological advances of our time. Using the latest audiovisual and computer communication techniques, it offers multiple and complementary activities and a new way to learn, listen and be moved so that everyone remains a player in tomorrow’s world.
Inaugurated in 1986, the Cité des Sciences was built by the architect Adrien Fainsilber.

Three themes mark its design:

Water, a pivotal theme, surrounds the main building,
The vegetation, enters the interior through three bioclimatic greenhouses,
The light, illuminates the exhibition spaces thanks to two rotating domes with a diameter of 17m.

On site, maps and guides are distributed to the reception desks to direct visitors to their centre of interest.

The permanent exhibition on the 3 upper levels of the Cité is a huge field of experimentation and not a classic museum.

Explora: 30000 m2 of permanent exhibition on the earth and the universe, life, languages and communication, the exploitation of resources and technological and industrial developments.

The planetarium: Visitors are offered real images, an astronomical simulator and a three-dimensional sound system to discover the solar system, with science and poetry.

The aquarium: recreates a representative sample of the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean landscape.

The Children’s City : Constitutes an educational workshop.

The Louis Lumière cinema broadcasts scientific and technical documents for all audiences.

The Geode: In front of the south façade of the City, the 36m diameter sphere is in fact a cinema offering a hemispherical screen of 1000 m2. Thanks to its wide-angle lens and the size and shape of the screen, the viewer’s vision is similar to that of a bird.

The Argonaut: This hunting submarine launched on June 29, 1957 was transformed into an exhibition space.

The Cinaxe: Allows the viewer to experience, for 4 to 5 minutes, a simulation of space flight, car racing, etc… through the projected film.

30, av Corentin Cariou 75019 Paris
Metro line 7: Porte de la Villette.